Non-addictive treatment for anxiety

Anxiety is a condition wherein people experience the feelings of dreadfulness, uneasiness, apprehension, worry, and fear. In response to stressors that people experience, anxiety is a normal reaction or a normal coping mechanism. But for others, their anxiety can become excessive, at which point it then turns into disorder. Stress affects not only the emotional and psychological aspects, but they also have physical and even behavioral effects on people.Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. Perhaps you are sitting in your doctor’s room waiting room, anticipating the horse sized needle that the doctor will administer to you or maybe you have spent the whole day cooking but you’re mother- in- law face says that your best efforts were wasted.
Below are five tips on how to cure anxiety naturally at home.
1. Engage in calming activates
When you sense an anxiety attacking you, it is prudent if you consider engaging in calming activities. For instance, you can walk around your house compound, or you can even play with your pet. Deep breathing exercises can also help you calm down before you go into a stressful situation. Always use affirmation statements to remind yourself that you are capable of handling your anxiety.
2. Talk to somebody you trust
Whenever anxiety strikes, it is good to consider talking your spouse, family member, close friend or relative. Expressing your emotions and feeling to someone you trust can help you handle your situation. When talking to someone, you might realize that the situation that you are facing is small compared to what he/she has gone through.
3. Mind-body exercises
Another good way on how to cure anxiety naturally is by doing mind-body exercise. There are many forms of exercises, and you should engage in exercise that best suits you. Deep breathing and meditation among another similar exercise can greatly help to reduce anxiety. Engaging in sporting activities can also help to curb anxiety.
4. Massage therapy
Massage therapy is a perfect remedy for anxiety because it helps to reduce stress and tension. Massage therapy will always make to feel relaxed and stress-free thus limiting those anxious feelings.
5. Visit a therapist
Visiting a therapist will not only help you understand the source or triggers of your anxiety but also help you discover how to solve those anxieties. Therapists are specially trained to help people suffering from anxiety to know how to handle the situation. He/she will easily find the cause of your situation and help you handle it.

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